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Learn more about the Secret in the Clouds. Check out the research article by Saugatuck Technology on the Inconsistent Service Delivery in Cloud Services, with mention to Krystallize Technologies being one of the only tools available to monitor load and performance.The Secret in the Clouds: Inconsistent Service DeliveryAuthor:   Charlie Burns


Almost two years ago Saugatuck warned users of Cloud offerings that ongoing vigilance was required to ensure maximum cost saving. About one year ago we provided guidance on reasons to move workloads from one Cloud provider to another. Since then we have found another significant issue requiring vigilance and which should be considered during evaluation of Cloud providers: inconsistent service delivery.

Unfortunately, inconsistent service delivery may be the trifecta of challenges: it may be almost universal across Cloud providers, it can cause significant impact, and it can be challenging to identify. This Strategic Perspective clarifies the notion of inconsistent service delivery, provides guidance for identifying it, and offers some alternatives for addressing it.
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