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Company Closes $1.2 Million Seed Funding to Launch Service Measuring 80+ Cloud Platform Performance Metrics For Public and Private Cloud Services

AUSTIN– March 2, 2015 – Krystallize Technologies announced today CloudQoS™, the first cloud platform performance management (PPM) service that provides enterprises, hosting providers, cloud service providers and system integrators the tools needed to secure the best price / performance value when choosing or managing a cloud service, and ensuring ongoing high levels of platform performance.

The company also recently closed a $1.2 million seed round of funding from a number of angel investors.

The market for cloud services is expected to exceed $59 billion in 2015 and grow at a compound annual rate of 23% through 2017, according market research firm IDC. This growth is driven by the performance, flexibility and “pay as you grow” economic model of cloud services.

However, widespread cloud adoption is exposing the reality of several critical challenges that keep enterprises from determining the performance of their cloud services:

  • Relative performance can’t be compared across different cloud architectures.
  • No common methodology has been available to measure cloud capabilities.
  • Enterprises lack the ability to track performance throughout the life cycle of their infrastructure and applications.
  • Cloud service infrastructure and the performance it delivers changes constantly.
  • Service level agreements are usually based on availability and not the capability or quality of service being delivered.

Furthermore, cloud service providers have historically touted their high “availability” levels, but given the constantly changing nature of the cloud, this conventional metric can be misleading. Like the old adage, it’s the quality and not the quantity that matters.

How CloudQoS Works

With today’s announcement, Krystallize is providing the solution to these challenges. The company’s CloudQoS™ platform performance management service measures 80 different performance metrics providing data to help with the following decisions: choosing a cloud service, auditing existing cloud services, adjusting the cloud vendor mix and measuring private cloud performance.

CloudQoS™ is comprised of the Platform QoSAgent™ (pQoS™) software agent that allows a company to simulate its application workload in all cloud environments to provide real user-experience data that can be used in a performance comparison. The pQoS™ Agent is the only “module” to download, after that CloudQoS™ runs on a simple web interface with no programming or scripting required, giving you immediate results.

Krystallize’s CloudQoS™ service was built to meet the needs of the enterprise IT infrastructure professional and the needs for direct, actionable data throughout the IT service lifecycle. The service can be turned up in minutes from ‘sign up’ to receiving cloud or hosting server performance data.

The outcome-based service measure then delivers all of the following activities: service planning, architecture management, performance management, service delivery management, service configuration management and service capacity management.

“The cloud market is booming and there is a lot of pressure for companies to evolve in the cloud, but many are finding it impossible to ensure they’re choosing the right solution to meet their needs,” said Clinton France, CEO and co-founder of Krystallize. “CloudQoS is the first solution to address the needs of the entire cloud ecosystem – enterprises, hosting providers and cloud service providers – giving them the data needed to ensure they’re choosing or providing the best cloud solution available.”

The CloudQoS solution allows users to select the right cloud/hosting option, audit existing services and adjust as necessary. CloudQoS is available today. For more information and to sign up, visit

About Krystallize Technologies

Krystallize Technologies was founded to provide enterprises, hosting providers and cloud service providers with critical insight to master the application and infrastructure performance of cloud and hosting environments through its CloudQoS™ platform management solution, including its Platform QoSAgent™ (PQoS) and the CloudQoS Index. In more complex environments, Krystallize services can help optimize applications across multiple service providers or even within a private or hybrid cloud. Krystallize is the platform performance management company that helps you get the most out of cloud / hosting services. To learn more, visit us at: