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Who We Are

Why We Do It

You need a cloud services provider working as hard as you do, because you can’t afford to waste money, time, and energy. Our unique outcome-based data is your secret weapon in CSP selection. This in-depth insight uncovers valuable performance measures that truly matters to your bottom line. Through Continuous Service Assurance, we help you understand your application demand and match that to the right cloud provider, and configuration ensuring consistency, predictability, and reliability.

What We Do

When you have the right Match, you’ll know it. We will too. We’re talking about finding the best cloud service provider and configuration to meet your applications unique needs. Migrating and managing the cloud shouldn’t be clouded in uncertainty and confusion. Here at Krystallize, as Cloud performance experts, we believe the journey should be crystal clear. We bring clarity to the cloud–ensuring your service is performing at its best. That clarity means identifying a best-fit and best-cost baseline of cloud performance just for you so we can help maintain and optimize your underlying service performance.

How We Do It

Introducing Krystallize CloudQoS®. The CloudQoS® system gives you the transparency to successfully operate, optimize, and manage your cloud services, all without breaking the bank. Our proprietary technology uses Krystallize’s patented platform QoSApp™ to capture and simulate the unique application workload demands within your cloud environment. CloudQoS® gives you the ability to have visibility into your underlying service’s performance. Helping you maintain a consistent, predictable, reliable service using real data.


Krystallize CloudQoS® CSP Index

We know you’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here–a universal benchmark of cloud performance.

Krystallize’s monthly CloudQoS® CSP Index rates and ranks the top four CSPs for service capability and price/performance. This unique insight into baseline performance gives you the confidence to transition and manage applications within your cloud services.

The intelligent performance data curated by the CloudQoS® CSP Index helps you identify the best-fit, best-cost CSP for your organization.This data also ensures service supply and application demand remain in balance.

CloudQoS® in your Migration Planning

Do you have cold feet about migrating to the cloud? You’re not alone. We get it. Finding the right cloud for your specific needs is daunting. That’s why we developed CloudQoS® Workload Profiling to support your Migration Planning to ensure you find the ‘Best fit, Best cost’ cloud solution for your application needs.

With Krystallize, you’ll migrate to the cloud with confidence. We’re the only company to provide you with best fit across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments based on your specific needs.

Migration Planning utilizing CloudQoS® workload profiling allows you to accurately plan your migration, simplify the effort, identify a predictable TCO ensuring your best opportunity to successfully deliver on your cloud migration goals.

CloudQoS® Certified Cloud Performance

You have high standards. We do too. Krystallize CloudQoS®-Certified CSP performance sets the bar.

We’ve developed the first industry solution to truly assess CSP performance using outcome metrics over simple availability.

The CloudQoS® automated testing technology continuously collects and analyzes application performance data in the cloud, tracks and monitors usage, and ultimately develops a baseline of optimal, cost-effective service. The resulting benchmark helps CSPs test, measure, and certify their performance.

Choosing a CSP that delivers CloudQoS®-Certified Performance makes it possible for end users to model unique workloads and make sure they’re getting services they’re paying for.

The patented methodology deployed by CloudQoS® can be applied to all public, private, and hybrid CSPs, cloud configurations, and cloud services.

CloudQoS® Service Assurance and Monitoring

Sooner or later everything changes. When it starts to get rocky, we’ll alert you and give you the critical information and insight to make the necessary adjustments.

With CloudQoS® Service Assurance and Monitoring, you will always have a 360-degree view of your how your cloud is functioning.

After implementing the CloudQoS® technology, it can remain on your system to monitor performance levels. The technology uses its Platform QoSApp™ to simulate existing workloads and compare performance to the optimal baseline determined during your initial assessment. You can then adjust service and workload configuration on an ongoing basis to maintain optimal performance and work within your service budget.

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