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When you know more, you can do more. Our data, analytics, and intelligence drives and defines Cloud Service Provider’s (CSP) performance measurements globally. With every CSP, we look to enable and enhance their performance, improve their customer experience, retention, and expansion – while helping everyone buy smarter.


At Krystallize we amplify the experience of the cloud consumer, and help CSP’s improve the value of their products and services. Together, these principles empower everyone in the global commerce Cloud ecosystem, enabling better decisions – and better business results.

Krystallize is a global leader in Cloud insights, data, analytics, and advisory services that helps clients drive growth and profitability. The company’s benchmark’s and reputation for independence and integrity have established it as one of the Clouds most well-known and trusted Cloud Service Provider brands.

Our Experience

Krystallize has been capturing and analyzing cloud performance data across more than a four CSPs for many years. We know measuring true cloud performance experience is not easy, but that’s where we come in. Through our proprietary index model, we identify the many drivers of cloud performance, accurately measure and link their impact to business results, and uncover insights to drive results for our clients.

Our Data, Analytics, and Resources

Across all Cloud regions worldwide, our team of developers, analysts, statisticians, economists, consultants, mathmagicians, and experts in cloud measurement and benchmark behavior focus on delivering insights clients can act on immediately. We serve every organization, everywhere.

Always Measure

We understand that the customer experience is vital and that simply measuring it is not enough. Our analysts focus on driving results that will improve loyalty and advocacy and our success is driven by how much we help improve CSP quality of service. But data is only as powerful as the analysis and insights tied to it—and we are putting that power in your hands through the CloudQoS offering. The data, analytics, insights, best practices, and action plans you need are available whenever and wherever you need them, to help you make data-driven decisions that will improve your cloud experience and drive positive financial results.

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Krystallize CloudQoS in Cloud Migration Planning and Management




The vast majority of organizations have cloud migrations in their current plans. The benefits of service availability and service delivery cost savings offer a strong allure to shift a large percentage of IT service delivery to the cloud.  However, without the proper cloud migration planning and application workload performance analysis, many of these deployments become burdened in iterative moves in order to achieve the proper alignment of application workload to cloud infrastructure.




With Krystallize Technologies’ CloudQoS you can move to the cloud with confidence.  Only CloudQoS  provides you with full performance transparency across public, private and hybrid cloud environments based on your exact service workloads.




Focus on the Cloud’s ability to deliver on the Customer’s Application Requirements




  • PLAN ACCURATELY:   Collect and Match application requirements with cloud service capability to deliver. Identifying the ‘best fit, best cost’ cloud solution

  • SIMPLIFY Migration Efforts: Provide increased sense of assurance that migrating their services to the ‘best solution possible’

  • Predict post migration TCO – Provide an accurate TCO BEFORE migrating workloads

  • Reduce Cost of Migration Planning  – Reduce cost for Migration Planning by 60%




CloudQoS™ aligns Cloud Performance success measures with Application performance requirements







Only CloudQoS helps you eliminate the guesswork by establishing a Quality-of-Service baseline for each service environment and ensures a seamless workload migration. With CloudQoS you’ll dramatically simplify the planning and execution of your transition to the cloud, including managing:




  • Workload Migrations
  • Service Upgrades
  • Environmental Changes










When provisioning services to the cloud, companies that utilize CloudQoS not only achieve a significant return of investment, they also deliver a much improved customer experience based on:


  • Provisioning validation of QoS prior to release
  • Post change QoS service assurance testing
  • Validation of environment configuration
  • Pre and post-testing of new and replacement resources

The enterprise needs to shift from attempting to understand the health of all of the underlying component layers and move to focus on the service outcome, the platform’s capability to deliver.
– Linda Bernardi, Washington Post, Technology Blog




Krystallize CloudQoS® for Cloud Assessment and Planning

Designing cloud services doesn’t have to involve guesswork. With Krystallize Technologies’ CloudQoS you’ll have visibility into customer resource demand compared to cloud service capability in order to define a successful deployment based on performance and cost-of-service. Whether you’re deploying services to public, private or hybrid cloud environments, CloudQoS will help you ensure that your services achieve the required performance levels.

Application Workload Profiling

  • CloudQoS creates highly accurate workload profiles that are matched to cloud capabilities ensuring successful deployments.
  • CloudQoS is deployed to capture actual workload demand. Resulting service behaviors are characterized into an ‘Application Workload Profile’

  • CloudQoS Synthetic workload test is configured to match the Native workload demand

Workload Migration Planning – Workload Profiling:

  1. Deploy CloudQoS  applet on: 15 systems, 2 roles in 2 regions
  2. Collect 30 days of performance statistics
  3. Identify the ‘heaviest use’ systems in each role in both regions
  4. Baseline Native workload demand at both ‘Max’ and ‘99.5 Percentile’
  5. Assess, analyze and estimate a set of synthetic workload configuration parameters to generate an equitable demand  on current environment
  6. Review the results and ‘dial in’ any final parameter changes to most closely match the Native workload demand
  7. Capture the CloudQoS load parameters as ‘Workload Configuration file’ and the Cloud Configuration Baseline as minimum requirement
  8. Setup target Cloud configurations and deploy CloudQoS applet
  9. Assign Workload Configuration file and execute load tests on all of the target Cloud service options

Increase Speed to Cloud

  • CloudQoS helps you get it right the first time by eliminating the guesswork in capabilities across dev, test and production clouds.

Ensure Service Performance

  • CloudQoS analyzes over 90 different cloud performance metrics so you achieve the service levels your clients demand.

Cut Service Design Costs

  • With CloudQoS you’ll achieve a demonstrable ROI by reducing service design and delivery costs.

QoS Service Management

Continuous Integration (CI) & testing  is a discipline within Agile development that has fundamentally changed the way ‘always on’ applications are built, tested, deployed and changed.  The practice focuses on end to end integration testing with every change to ensure Quality of Service is maintained.

The CloudQoS™ Service is bringing this same level of discipline and control to Cloud and Legacy Hosting Services

  • CloudQoS  continuously collects and analyzes actual application performance data to track and monitor utilization of  the service platform.

  • CloudQoS  periodically drives synthetic workload (customer configurable), collects and analyzes performance data for comparison with the Cloud Benchmark to track and monitor Cloud Service Capability to ensure consistency.

The typical Krystallize customer achieves an 85% cost savings versus traditional service design cloud planning utilizing a systems integrator with application simulation software.

I think they could be the key to normalizing business decisions around cloud providers (internal and external) – speeding up the decision process and monitoring post deployment value.  – CIO

Krystallize CloudQoS® for Cloud Optimization
All clouds are dynamic and workloads typically change over time which creates challenges as well as opportunities. CloudQoS enables you to take full advantage of the opportunity for providing continuous cloud optimization by creating the best alignment of cloud resources to workload demands. CloudQoS  quickly identifies inefficient and poor performing hosts and helps remove them from the environment or replace them with better quality cloud resources in order to continuously improve performance while reducing costs.

In the report CloudQoS  identified 15 hosts that were failing to perform within the baseline parameters and flagged them for pruning.

Performance & Price Visibility

  • CloudQoS provides visibility into host performance and delivers continuous cloud optimization.

Pruning Poor Performing Hosts

  • CloudQoS  quickly identifies poor performing hosts and helps eliminate them from the environment.

Continuous Improvement

  • CloudQoS  continuous optimization delivers service performance and cost improvements.

Krystallize CloudQoS® for Cloud Performance Management
Moving to the cloud offers the promise of ubiquitous service delivery at a greatly reduced cost.  However, the vast majority of IT organizations find themselves grappling with significant issues, including:

  • How to effectively map existing application workloads to the capabilities of different cloud services?
  • How do dynamic cloud environments and application workloads impact performance?
  • How do I provision the most efficient cloud resources to deliver the performance that applications demand?



In a world where there is constant change

CloudQoS provides the consistent assessment required to enable the Cloud consumer to assess and manage their Cloud Services.

The Emergence of Cloud Performance Management

End User Performance Management, Application Performance Management and Network Performance Management leave blind spots that can cripple services in the cloud. These traditional tools, while important, provide an incomplete view of system performance as well as lack the ability to compare the performance of different cloud services and analyze the price/performance benefits.

That’s where Krystallize Technologies provides unprecedented visibility and control of cloud services with CloudQoS. The first cloud performance management solution. CloudQoS supports all phases of IT service management and works across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

  • CloudQoS  Cloud Performance Management (CPM) continuously assesses, analyzes and characterizes hosting service capabilities and behaviors.
  • CloudQoS  bridges the gap between the Application Requirements (Demand) & Cloud Capabilities (Supply) to ensure best platform selection and continuous optimization.


The Krystallize CloudQoS® Mission

Be the standard performance measure for all Cloud Computing

We provide a suite of real world Cloud Performance Measures that captures, profiles and analyzes actual application experience uniformly. Our proprietary solution spans across all Cloud Service Providers to enable continuous “apples to apples”  comparisons.

QoS Service Management

  • CloudQoS  continuously collects and analyzes actual application performance data to track and monitor utilization of  the service platform.
  • CloudQoS  periodically drives synthetic workload (customer configurable), collects and analyzes performance data for comparison with the Cloud Benchmark to track and monitor Cloud Service Capability to ensure consistency.



Krystallize CloudQoS® for Hybrid Management