CloudQoS® Certified Cloud Performance

Migrating to the cloud is a big commitment. We get it, and that’s why we developed patented technology to make sure you and your cloud are compatible.

How Are Your Cloud Services Performing?

Migrating to the cloud is a big commitment. We get it, and that’s why we developed patented technology to make sure you and your cloud are compatible. Whether you’re migrating to the cloud or are already there with your enterprise-level applications, tracking performance is key. CloudQoS enables you to identify the ‘Best Fit, Best Cost’ baseline of cloud performance, to keep your services performing optimally. In today’s unpredictable public, private, and hybrid cloud service environments, you can’t afford to overlook cloud performance management service. Certifying your cloud performance at provisioning sets you apart from the crowd, ensuring you are getting the best performing services for your needs.

Certified Cloud Performance gives you the ability to baseline your applications demands and confirm that the services you provision meet those demands.

Krystallize CloudQoS®

Krystallize CloudQoS is the first technology of its kind to dive deep into cloud capability and performance and provide you with the information necessary to achieve best-fit, best-cost on day one and 500 days from now. CloudQoS is an important tool for enterprises, cloud service providers, managed service providers, and system integrators. Delivered as a SaaS solution, CloudQoS uses configurable workload simulation technology to capture and track variabilities that could be undermining your quality of service. The technology uses Krystallize’s patented Platform QoSAgentTM applet to simulate the your applications unique application workload demand within your cloud environment, or a target cloud environment. This incredible insight and transparency is used in development planning, migration assessments, and making sure your cloud is still a good fit throughout the service life cycle.

The CloudQoS technology uncovers valuable performance metrics and measures that matter to your bottom line. CloudQoS unique outcome-based data is your secret weapon in CSP selection, audits of your existing cloud service performance, and ongoing quality of service maintenance across your cloud’s life cycle.

CloudQoS® Data Brings Clarity to Your Cloud

CloudQoS® Delivers Actionable Intelligence in Four Steps

Assesses Demand: While the existing application operates, CloudQoS applet collects performance metrics and measures and builds a timeline of concurrent consumption of resources. CloudQoS will then dial in a synthetic workload to match the concurrent resource consumption. The results are known as the ‘workload profile’ or application demand.

Determines Quality of Service: Gathered performance metrics and service measures help the cloud consumer select the best performance at the least costly solution across public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Provides Continuous Service Assurance: We test and measure cloud configurations to ensure they meet the demands of a given application profile. CloudQoS tests, indexes, and certifies cloud performance before your workload goes live on day one and every day thereafter. Ensuring you continuously get the services you are paying for.

Continuously Optimizes Cloud Service: Once you’re in the cloud, you have to regularly reassess the workload. CloudQoS tracks consumption trends of demand versus the total capability of the service to identify an optimal solution on day one and throughout the service life. It also allows for planning, scaling and continuous optimization as new products become available.

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