Cloud Service Variability in 2018

By Krystallize | Mar 01, 2019

What is Cloud Service Variability? Why does it Exist? How does it impact my Application Performance? What does it mean for my Cloud Costs? Is it important to manage or will ‘auto-scale’ technology make it a non-issue? Will I run into these same issues in Private Cloud (or traditional virtualization)? How do I bring control and transparency to my Cloud Service Quality? These are the top questions we get when talking about Cloud Quality of Service at Krystallize. I will be writing a blog post on each of these questions over the next several weeks… But first, let’s answer the most important question:

‘Is there enough Service Variability in the Cloud to worry about?’

The answer is… YES… and not only does it have direct application PERFORMANCE IMPACT in scale out architecture, in has a LARGE COST impact on a scale up architecture (as seen below using 100,000 Operations/Sec application workload model)

Cloud Quality of Service (CloudQoS®) is critical for those who want to know ‘what is my real performance in the Cloud’

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