CloudQoS Assurance

Continuous price/performance optimization for all your cloud applications

Models your existing workloads to match exactly with the optimum service capabilities when provisioning. Continue to use this same powerful tool to dynamically adjust cloud resources to match increases or decreases in your workloads.

• No Two Clouds are the same
• No Two Applications are the same
• All services continuously change

CloudQoS™ uniquely captures Application Utilization requirements (demand) and assesses Cloud or Hosting Platform Capability (supply) through the CloudQoS service agent that both collects performance measures and has a parameter based synthetic workload generator that was designed for today’s Cloud Services.

Cloud services are not provisioned as an integrated platform, but are provisioned on the number of CPU’s, amount of Memory and Storage throughput. This is without any understanding of the total transactions a given Cloud configuration can actually deliver.

This lack of transparency creates too many Service Management blind spots that negatively impact your pricing and performance. In today’s Cloud environment, you need to know the unknown.

CloudQoS® was was architected ground up to address the need for a common model to describe and characterize both Application Demand and Cloud Service Capabilities.

The approach addresses the shortcomings of traditional service management tools as it adds in the Synthetic Workload Simulator to be the 'control' measure over time allowing both frequent and continuous change in both the Application and underlying Cloud service layers.

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