CloudQoS® CSP Index

With Krystallize, you’ll know how your CSP stacks up against the other providers.

Tracking CSP Index and Ranking Cloud Service Provider Performance Month-To-Month

The grass may be greener, after all. With Krystallize, you’ll know how your CSP stacks up against the other providers. Our monthly CloudQoS CSP Service Capability Index (SCI) ranks the top four CSPs for service capability and cost across Linux and Windows operating systems. This unique visibility into baseline performance allows you to confidently transition and manage applications within selected cloud services. With wide variability in workload performance across the major cloud service providers, it’s important to compare these services in a measurable way. The ability to do so gauges how CSP performance affects the application performance and total cost.

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How the CloudQoS® Index Works

Powered by Krystallize’s patented CloudQoS technology, Krystallize deploys a standardized benchmark synthetic workload and collects key performance metrics and application throughput measures for analysis, assessment, and ranking. More than 160 systems are tested across 2- and 4-core Windows and Linux operating systems across the top four major CSPs every month. Through extensive workload testing, a sample set of capability measures are formulated. The resulting data is analyzed, organized, and summarized based on performance, cost per hour, and actual cost. This gives you an easy comparison of CSP performance across all providers and forms the foundation for intelligent cloud service decisions for your organization.

The intelligent performance data curated by the CloudQoS CSP Service Capability Index specifically helps you and your organization with:

Identifying the best-fit, best-cost CSP for your organization on day one and day 1,000

Comparing performance metrics in different cloud and OS architectures to gauge workload portability and plan more effective migration

Comparing actual CSP capability to a baseline of efficient service and making adjustments to maintain cost-effective performance within your budget

Ensuring service supply and application demand remain in balance and identifying service options to increase cloud service price/performance at the same cost

Finally, A Universal Benchmark of Cloud Performance

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