CloudQoS® Best Fit, Right Sizing and Migration Assessment

How do you know which cloud service provider is really the right fit?

Sure, the migration plan looks good on paper. But how do you know which cloud service provider (CSP) is really the right fit? How do you know which configuration has the capability of meeting your applications demands once you have migrated?

At Krystallize, we remove the capacity related uncertainty from migrating to the cloud Our patented technology offers a comprehensive, detailed analysis of application demand synthesis and cloud capability..

CloudQoS provides a standard measuring stick to assess cloud providers, and which provider will best suit your workloads needs.  Using a synthetic load tuned to your applications, we help you migrate to the right cloud, right configuration, for your specific needs.

We simplify Migration efforts by providing our Customers with an increased sense of assurance that they are migrating their services to the ‘best solution possible’.

How do we do it?

Using our patented CloudQoS agent. We capture actual workload demand with numerous standardized metrics and leverage that insight to model a synthetic workload.  CloudQoS is then dialed in to build a synthetic workload profile that runs on the major CSPs rapidly, simply, and accurately, to match or slightly exceed concurrent resource consumption “METRICS”.

That workload profile can then be used to create capability measures and assess the overall capability of the cloud provider, or to assess the impact of the workload on a variety of cloud options.  One indicator includes the “Service Capability Index” which produces a weighted composite number evaluating the CSP’s performance. The higher SCI value, the more productive capacity of the machine. This value is displayed in an easy-to-use format so you can see how well your application workload performs, and thus help you make the right decisions on best fit for your applications, in the right CSP environment.

CloudQoS accurately measuresyour application workload on all major CSPs public and private, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and SoftLayer.


Clear benefits for your cloud usage

Knowing your service workload demand and service capability enables intelligent service placement, saves money, and reduces complexity

Security and regulatory concerns are eliminated with synthetic workloads

Integration of the CloudQoS lightweight testing platform enables continuous monitoring, testing and optimization

Test service at time of provisioning to ensure it delivers at a minimum performance baseline required for your application

Daily, weekly, and monthly testing to check and eliminate underperforming services and machine variances

Continuous collection of workload analytics that track the workload demand of advanced algorithms and identify demand or supply changes over time

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