Finally, a Global Index That Measures Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

By Clinton France | Jan 02, 2019

If you’ve shopped for internet service lately, you know it can be hard to find the sweet spot that balances how much bandwidth you need with how much you pay for the service. Perhaps you only want to surf the web and use email. Your needs are considerably less than your neighbor who frequently downloads large files.

Fortunately, a universal bandwidth measurement, megabits per second (MPS), can guide you. When you shop for an internet provider, you can easily see how many MPS each provider offers and at what price. If you only need one MPS to surf the web and check email, you can comparison shop to find the best deal. Your neighbor will pay more because she needs more MPS.

Shopping for a business cloud service provider (CSP) is much more complicated. Applications and workloads must be precisely matched, but there are several public, private and hybrid cloud options. How do you know if you are buying the right service to meet your needs, at the right cost?

Enter Krystallize CloudQoS® CSP Service Capability Index (SCI), named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor.  It is the first universal benchmark of cloud performance based ‘service throughput.’ Beginning in January 2019, this index will expand from North America to include Global measures across the top Cloud Providers.

The CloudQoS® CSP Service Capability Index executes a standardized application workload that exercises all system resources while collecting the platform throughput performance measures.

CloudQoS™ Service measures enable you to identify:

  • Service Placement: Compare application workload demand to identify the “best fit, best cost” platform
  • Service Interoperability: Compare SCI measures of disparate architectures to ensure workload portability
  • Service Assurance: Compare current SCI measure with the “SCI baseline” to determine if the service is improving, degrading, or staying the same
  • Service Optimization: Right-size workloads by continuously assessing demand and supply of available platforms to ensure service supply and application demand remain in balance (maintain optimal state) and identify service options that increase price/performance while maintaining costs

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