Google Cloud tackles performance variability using Krystallize CloudQoSⓇ

By Clinton France | Dec 21, 2018

The struggle is real. Reducing performance variability and maintaining “CPR” (Consistency, Predictability, and Reliability) in cloud service is a defining issue when making the rapid migration to cloud environments. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which serves millions of enterprise users daily as the world’s largest global private cloud network, is no stranger to this struggle.

But there’s good news. GCP has found its secret weapon for conquering high performance variability and ensuring consistent, cost-effective operation: Krystallize CloudQoS.

For roughly two years, Google Cloud and Krystallize Technologies have teamed up to integrate Krystallize’s patented CloudQoS performance tracking technology into Google Cloud architecture. CloudQoS is a Software-as-a-Service tool that functions as a robust Cloud Service Provider (CSP) assessment, tracking, indexing, and monitoring system. It uses configurable workload simulation technology to drill deep into cloud performance to see exactly what could undermine cloud quality of service.

“Big data” harvested from CloudQoS testing across thousands of GCP workload transactions is helping Google Cloud demonstrate sustained quality of service, consistent cost savings, and reduced variability over time—particularly when compared to other leading CSPs.

As shown above, GCP beats Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in reducing performance variability and cost-efficient operation across similar performance validation tests. Using data intelligence curated by CloudQoS, it’s clear that GCP has lower operating costs and a sustained high performance level along with steady consistency, predictability, and reliability when compared to AWS and Azure.

GCP is also one of the first CSPs to participate in the CloudQoS Certification Program. The CloudQoS Certification is a trusted benchmark helping CSPs test, measure, and certify their performance at provisioning—and periodically revalidate it over time.

Google Cloud is also included in Krystallize’s monthly CloudQoS CSP Index. The report—which ranks the top four CSPs in terms of their service capability and true operating cost in Linux and Windows operating environments—offers cloud users and shoppers a clear picture of the baseline performance of the major cloud services.

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