Cloud Costs | Cloud Performance two sides of the same coin

By Clinton France | Dec 21, 2018

You’re in the cloud—now what? A new survey reveals IT leaders are still struggling with costly post-migration challenges. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The State of Cloud Readiness: Fall 2018 report from Softchoice surveyed 250 IT leaders from the U.S. and Canada, seeking to understand how organizations prepare for a migration and how cloud performance lives up to expectations following the transition.

One key finding in pre-migration readiness is that IT leaders seem confident they are doing what’s necessary in the planning stages to ensure a smooth migration process. Post-migration, however, IT leaders say they struggle to manage daily cloud performance, stay within budget, and close a growing skills gap.

Among post-migration challenges:

  • 43 percent of IT leaders reported having trouble knowing how to create an effective cloud management strategy.
  • 57 percent of IT leaders reported having exceeded their cloud budgets at some point, with one-third exceeding them by more than 20 percent.
  • 96 percent of IT leaders acknowledged a skills gap in their organizations.

A solid cloud migration and performance management strategy before, during, and after a migration can ultimately prevent runaway cloud costs, help fill knowledge gaps, and simplify day-to-day management. Cloud performance assessment tools—like Krystallize CloudQoS—have quickly become must-have tools for developing a strategy.

Ahead of a migration, CloudQoS helps IT leaders develop a migration roadmap that, through testing, offers an accurate picture of application requirements and underlying infrastructure. This roadmap data can be used to determine the proper sizing, configuration options, and cloud service objectives ahead of a move.

After a migration, a cloud performance assessment tool can continuously test and track cloud performance—and operating costs—to ensure performance objectives are met and stay within budget. For example, intelligent metrics furnished by CloudQoS can help IT leaders bridge knowledge gaps in cloud management by simplifying and automating day-to-day monitoring.

To learn more about Krystallize CloudQoS and how it can help your organization track, test, and analyze your cloud’s performance, reach out to a Krystallize Performance Pro.

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