Yes! Businesses Can Measure & Compare Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

By Krystallize | Jan 22, 2019

Krystallize releases Holiday 2018 CloudQoS® CSP Index that measures top CSPs performance throughput

How do you measure the quality of cloud services providers (CSP)? How can companies know they are buying the right service — at the best cost — to meet their needs?  How can companies know they are getting the ‘same performance’ today as they were yesterday?

Named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, Krystallize was founded in 2014 to answer those questions, released today (January 15, 2019), companies can access to global performance measures of top cloud service providers (CSPs)

Selecting the right configuration in the right service is complicated. Applications and workloads must be precisely understand their resource requirements to be best matched so the businesses can choose the ‘best fit, best cost’ service from the multiple public, private, and hybrid cloud options.

While most organizations select services based on Price alone, actual service Cost is actually Price/Performance.   Think of it this way: you want to make an apple pie. If you need three apples to make the pie, it will cost more than if you made a pie that required only two apples. Similarly, in the Cloud, CSPs deliver Cores/Memory as ‘apples’ and like apples some are larger than others as each provider uses different hardware, different software and different virtualization policies (different business objectives) when defining Cores/Memory.   Thus, your application needs to know what resource performance it requires to successfully deliver application performance at a predictable total cost.

Monthly, CloudQoS® CSP Index brings reliable measurement to cloud performance, so companies can have the same kind of confidence in their CSP as they do when they pull up to a gas pump: They know someone has measured the gas, certified the octane, and approved the operator.

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